The Agile Mindset in Action

The Agile Mindset in Action

A couple of weeks ago, a mandatory vaccination policy was announced at my organization, and a project team was commissioned to operationalize the policy. The project team members quickly rolled up their sleeves, got down to work, rapidly designing and implementing business processes and custom technology tools.

I am proud to announce that we successfully launched the Solution to employees yesterday, with a staggered rollout to students planned to follow in the coming days.

It’s interesting to note that we didn’t start out to adopt an agile approach. However, as we progressed, I observed the team bring to life the core principles of Agile.

Here are some of the ways we demonstrated these principles:

  • Customer focus: We had a diverse team representing key customer groups; their understanding of the stakeholder personas was instrumental to delivering a simple and quick Solution with a great user experience. Also, the Tech team scheduled periodic demo sessions to get feedback and make changes that were valuable to the customers.
  • Communication and Collaboration: We had the business and technology team working together daily, enabling the tech team to promptly clarify requirements directly from the business. Conversations were not limited to virtual meetings but continued all day on the messaging platform.
  • Welcoming Change: The team was very open to welcoming new requirements even late in development and dropping off requirements that were of little or no value to the business.
  • Delivering Working Software: We defined, sliced, and grouped deliverables in phases (sprint), to enable us deliver value fast and frequently to the stakeholders.
  • Self-organized team: Team members were motivated individuals with a good understanding of business priorities; we also enjoyed the support of the executives who trusted the team to get the job done.


As a Change agent, whose organization may not have fully adopted the agile ways of working, you can proactively learn and begin to apply these principles in your work, helping your organization reap the benefits of delivering valuable solutions in today’s VUCA world.